Two Arrested At Smithfield Community Park

SMITHFIELD – Police arrested two people at Smithfield Community Park. Around 2:00am, January 31st, an officer was on routine patrol inside the park and noticed a suspicious vehicle with two people inside. The park was closed to the public at the time.

Police said they made contact with the two people in the SUV and during a search allegedly found a small amount of suspected marijuana, a Ruger 9mm handgun, 12 rounds of ammunition, and a counterfeit $100 bill.

Stephen Joseph Smith, 19, of Commodore Street, Clayton was charged with possession of a gun with an altered serial number, carrying a concealed weapon, resisting a public officer and simple possession of a controlled substance. He was held on a $55,000 secured bond at the Johnston County Jail.

Mekhi Jakim McKenzie, 18, of Lakeview Drive, Clayton was charged with possession of counterfeit money. He was served with unrelated December 2021 arrest warrants for assault on a female and communicating threats. McKenzie was confined in the Johnston County Jail under $30,000 secured bail.

The Ford Escape they were operating was towed from the park.


  1. And this is exactly what the main stream media sets out to do to brain wash our youth by refusing to call the violence in the street exactly what it is. Cough Cough CNN. This is unacceptable. I guess this was a “mostly peaceful resisting of arrest” with a “mostly peaceful illegal handgun and drugs” in the vehicle. Main Stream media ought to be ashamed of themselves promulgating and propping up certain behaviors as acceptable. This is what we can expect to see more and more of now. It will only get worse as society decays.

  2. Little time in the pokey might make them appreciate their freedom. Unfortunately people going to jail today have it too easy. Make them work all day instead of sleeping, watching TV and working out then they would appreciate being free. They wouldn’t be near as likely to return.

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