Two Officers Injured, Suspect Tased During Traffic Stop

Two police officers sustained minor injuries during a traffic stop.  Selma police officer J.R. Vause was on routine patrol in a marked cruiser around 8:00pm Thursday and spotted a car with fictitious registration. The car then failed to signal a turn.

Officer Vause stopped the car on N. Sellers Street and upon approaching the vehicle detected an odor of marijuana.  The driver, Damaine Danquel Chrisp, 27, of S. Webb Street, Selma was determined to be wanted on a felony probation violation warrant.

Chrisp attempted to pull away from Officer Vause and began fighting.  Officer B. Knudtson arrived moments later and both officers continued to struggle with the suspect as they all fell onto a gravel driveway.  During the struggle, Officers Vause’s portable radio came undone and switched to a different channel.  Calls for backup could not be heard by fellow officers.

Both officers yelled at Chrisp to stop fighting but he refused. Officer Knudtson unsuccessfully attempted to use his taser. Officer Vause then deployed his taser at which time Chrisp said, “All right I’m done, I’m done.”

EMS responded and treated both officers and the suspect at the scene.  No one required hospitalization.

According to a report, Officer Vause sustained cuts, abrasions and bruises to his hands, elbow and knees.  Officer Knutdson sustained cuts and abrasions to his face, neck and knees. Chrisp, the suspect, was given a bandage where he had been tased.  He refused additional treatment.

During the incident, Officer Knutdson’s police badge and name plate were torn from his uniform. They were recovered at the scene.

Police said a search of Chrisp’s car yielded 7.1 grams of marijuana.

During questioning, Chrisp reportedly told police he was sorry he fought with the officers but he didn’t want them to take his weed. “Well and the warrants, but I really wanted my weed,” Chrisp reportedly said.

Chrisp was charged with two felony counts of assault on a law enforcement officer causing injury, felony probation violation, felony possession of marijuana, driving on a revoked license, fictitious registration, damage to property and resisting arrest.  He was transported to the Johnston County Jail and given a secured $150,000 bond.