Two Year Investigation Leads To Arrests, Recovery Of Stolen Cars

A two year investigation by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has resulted in the arrests of two suspects and the recovery of three stolen vehicles.

Detectives said the victim was at one time living in Johnston County with his wife. She passed away and after settling her estate moved to California to be closer to his family.  The victim said his step-daughter, 32 year-old Felicia Lynn Carberry of Campground Road, Selma agreed to keep three of his vehicles on her property until he could find a home in California and have the vehicles shipped.

In March 2017, the victim sent a towing service to her address to transport the three vehicles to the West Coast. When they arrived the vehicles were gone and Carberry claimed she had no idea what happened to them.

Sheriff’s investigators allege Carberry and her boyfriend, Jason Nathaniel Wood, 43, also of Campground Road, sold the vehicles a short time after the victim left Johnston County.

Recently two of the vehicles, a Ford F-150 truck and Hyundai were recovered.  Previously, a 1974 Plymouth Valiant was recovered after Wood had allegedly tried to sell it to a car collector but was unable to provide a title.

Wood and Carberry are charged with obtaining property by false pretenses.  They are both current free on bail awaiting trial.