Unlicensed Massage Parlor Shutdown

A massage parlor that recently opened in a storefront in Johnston County has been shutdown and three people are facing criminal charges.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Caldwell said deputies received complaints about Nana Space, a massage therapy practice, being in operation on Highway 42 near Interstate 40 in the Cleveland community.

Captain Caldwell said undercover officers were sent into the business and after being offered massage services three arrests were made last Thursday.

Suxin Zhang, 46, Wanghua Ning, 46, and Feng Rong Chen, 48, all listed their address as the location of the massage parlor at 5533 NC Highway 42, Suite A-12, Garner. They were charged with practicing massage therapy, a misdemeanor. They were released on a $500 bond each.

Under NC state law, a license is required to perform massage therapy. Officials contend none of the women had a license.