US Flag Award Given To Riverwood Resident

CLAYTON – The Raleigh Chapter of North Carolina Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) presented its Flag Certificate to Jesus Morales on November 14th for his consistent and correct display of the United States flag in front of his family home in Clayton.

For years Morales, encouraged by his wife and veteran father, has proudly displayed a US flag and demonstrated his respect for it by carefully following the requirements of US Code Title 4 Chapter 1. He has made particular efforts to assure it is an all-weather flag lit when displayed at night, as required by the code.

Raleigh Chapter member Karl Feld also awarded Morales the SAR Taunton Flag challenge coin in recognition of his commitment and challenged him to continue flying his flag as long as the family lives at their current residence. The New England Historical Society reports on their website that the Taunton flag was first raised on a liberty pole by the Sons of Liberty in Taunton, Massachusetts on Oct. 21, 1774. It read “Liberty and Union,” reflecting the colonists’ desire to protect their rights as Englishmen.

The Raleigh Chapter is the largest of twenty-five chapters of the North Carolina Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. The North Carolina Society is a historical, educational and patriotic non-profit organization that seeks through service activities to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, an appreciation for patriotism, respect for national symbols, and recognition of the value of American citizenship.