Victim Loses $15,244 In Home Loan Scam

A Johnston County resident lost a large sum of money in a home loan scam.

In June 2020, the 69 year-old Clayton resident was contacted through Facebook Messenger from someone claiming they could qualify for a home remodeling loan of up to $300,000. The victim replied to the message and was told she needed to send in money to qualify for the loan.

Between June 2020 and March 2021 the victim sent in a total of $15,244 in gift cards in an attempt to qualify for the loan. The scammer continued to ask for more money. Only later did the victim realize it was a scam.

The incident was reported to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. A detective is investigating the case.


  1. Friendly reminder: sending in gift cards as payment for something is not normal, and it’s basically a guaranteed sign that you’re being scammed. Please tell your older family members about this – they’re more vulnerable to these sorts of scams.

  2. WHEN OH WHEN are you going to learn that ANYTHING dealing with sending gift cards is a big fat SCAM? Im not going to say i will never be scammed but you can best bet it wont be because I’m naive enough to send gift cards!!! STOP DOING THIS. JUST STOP!!!!

  3. So sad!! This world is getting more evil by the day!! Please people, be careful and question everything!!!

    • Mark S. I hope when you turn 69 that you don’t have dementia or onset Alzheimer’s and that you have somebody to help you. People who pray on the elderly deserve a life sentence cuz many times that’s what they’re giving to the elderly

      • John, there’s*NOTHING* in the article about dementia or Alzheimer’s. Only that she sent money (via gift cards) for more than a year! At some point, people need to be responsible for their own actions, instead of looking for excuses!

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