Walmart Shoplifting Suspect Charged With Felony

A man arrested for allegedly shoplifting merchandise from Walmart on Highway 42 West in the Cleveland community is facing a felony charge.

On April 3rd around 4:15pm, Johnston County deputies were dispatched to the business for a report a man was attempting to leave without paying for $90 in merchandise. The items included a silver necklace, headphones, sunglasses and a coffee drink.

The suspect, Francisco Melo Ramierez, 38, of Northview Drive, Garner had allegedly removed a security theft device off one of the items in an attempt to avoid detection.

Ramierez was charged with felony larceny by removing or destroying an anti-theft device. He was held on a $25,000 bond at the Johnston County Jail.

The stolen items were returned to Walmart.


  1. So this guy tried to steal less than 100 dollars worth of items and get 25,000 dollar bond
    But article before stated a man stole lawn equipment valued at 18,000 and get 15,000 bond..WTF

  2. This guy was a habitual shoplifter. That is why he didn’t take a lot and picked up a coffee– just another day of walking in Walmart, picking up what he wanted and leaving without paying. He was suspected– and this time he got caught.

  3. Instead of leaving a lazy answer, as done above, I wanted to understand a couple of things. What is the difference between a secured and unsecured bond? Well, a secured bond requires money up front, unsecured requires a signature to verify that the money will be paid IF the accused does not show up as required. The other thing I was wondering is the criminal records of this individual and the one who stole the lawn equipment. I have not looked that up so I do not have a clue. It is okay to research something before making assumptions. In fact, it is important that we try to do research before forming an opinion.

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