Wanted Person Contacts Police After Photo Appears On JoCoReport

Selma Police have charged a Kenly woman with attempted larceny after her wanted person photo appeared on JoCoReport.com

Monday afternoon, Selma Police requested we publish photos of a suspect using a stolen debit card at an ATM at the Selma IGA on US 301.  The woman tried to withdraw $300 but the card didn’t work.

Police said the card had just been stolen from a customer at Wal-Mart in Smithfield.  The card had been cancelled prior to the attempted August 10th transaction.

After posting a photo of the suspect late-Monday, police said 55 year-old Debra Franklin was contacted by a friend who saw her picture.  Franklin then went to the JoCoReport.com website and saw the article asking for the public’s help seeking her identity.

Police said Franklin went to the Selma police station Tuesday morning and allegedly confessed to the crime.  She reportedly told police she was remorseful and wanted to apologize to the victim.

After consulting with the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office, police cited Franklin with misdemeanor attempted larceny.  She was issued a criminal summons to appear in court.

Detective Jeffrey Bass told JoCoReport that Franklin said she made a mistake and wanted to take responsibility for her actions.