Expired: Woman Charged With Stealing $400 Worth Of Victoria’s Secret Underwear

A Clayton woman faces a felony charge for stealing more than $1,600 worth of belongings from her niece.

Allison Elizabeth Gerrell, 31, lived periodically with her niece on Scuppernong Way in the Lionsgate neighborhood, according to Clayton Police. On June 30, the niece spent the night with a friend and locked the door to her bedroom. When she returned the following day, she found her door open and several items missing from her room.

Another resident of the house told police that Gerrell came by around noon June 30. Gerrell was accompanied by a man and woman who the roommate did not recognize. The roommate had a conversation with the man, and he noticed Gerrell and the unknown woman entering the bedroom. The trio left shortly thereafter.

On Wednesday, Clayton Police arrested Gerrell at the house in Lionsgate and charged her with felony larceny.

Gerrell is accused of having stolen the following items (values are estimated):

  • $400 worth of Victoria’s Secret underwear
  • $300 HP touch-screen laptop with Halloween stickers
  • $200 black iPhone 4 in pink case with monkey
  • $200 silver iPhone 5s in blue case with flowers
  • $200 worth of shirts and pants
  • $100 rainbow colored T-Priv vaporizer
  • $80 The North Face bookbag
  • $40 Adidas cleats
  • $40 Vans sneakers
  • $30 worth of silver rings engraved with the initials VKC
  • $15 sandals

Some, but not all, of the items have been recovered by Clayton Police