$1.57 Million Water Line Bid Awarded

The Smithfield Town Council has awarded a bid for the second and final phase of the extension of a secondary water line connection across the Neuse River into West Smithfield.  The West Smithfield area is currently supplied public water by a line along US Highway 70 (Market Street).

The Town began work over a year ago to construct a second line along Durwood Stephenson Highway.  Phase one took the secondary water line to just west of the bridge on Durwood Stephenson Highway. Phase two will connect the line to the existing infrastructure when the project is completed later this year.

In addition to being served by a second water line, Public Utilities Director Ted Credle said West Smithfield water customers will have stability of supply and reduced water age, which is something most consumers don’t think about.

Councilman Dr. David Barbour asked if the second line would increase water pressure. Credle said it would not.

The low bid of $1,573,340 was awarded to Sandy’s Hauling and Backhoe of Roseboro, NC.  Other bids were received in the amounts of $1,848,168 and $1,953,744.