1 Dead, 1 Wounded Following Shooting

One person was killed and a second person wounded following a shooting at a local motel.

Selma Police said they responded to the Masters Inn on US 70 shortly after 3:00am Tuesday.

Police Captain R.L. Daniels said there was a scuffle between two people staying at the motel. Both victims were shot. A woman was struck in the arm by a bullet. She was treated and released at the hospital. The male victim was taken to Johnston Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Daniels said both individuals were from outside the county. Their names have not been released.

Officers said the incident was domestic related and alcohol may have played a factor.

Captain Daniels said police are working with the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office on the case.


  1. Unfortunately, this motel is a breeding ground for this type of behavior. When first built, it was a nice place for people traveling on I-95 to stop and rest before traveling on to their destination. Now, it looks so run down. I “think” people can rent by the week, maybe even day or just overnight (?). I wish it could be demolished. While at it, include the business next door. That is another breeding ground for questionable behavior.
    *****With this being said, I am very sorry to read that someone lost their life. Arguing, alcohol and guns are not a good mix. Bad things tend to happen and this is exactly what happened in this situation.

    • They rent by the week for those who can’t afford to rent. Master inn always been a breeding ground for the local drug dealers,but you can blame the owners who rent to any and everybody. They just about a dollar.

  2. I wish it would be demolished and replaced with a K&W Cafeteria or a Krispy Kreme….or even better….how about both!!

    • Olive Garden would be nice as well. Shoneys is for sale, so they could tear that down and build something besides all the fast food places going up recently. Not sure if you know they tore down the old shell station. Building a new place with a Hardee’s I believe. We were supposed to get a Bojangles near the Kenly truckstops..but I haven’t heard anything more about that in over a year.

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