11 Year-Old Middle School Student Facing Weapon Charge

A juvenile at a Johnston County middle school will face charges after he allegedly brought two knives onto school grounds.

The incident was discovered on October 3rd at Archer Lodge Middle School on Wendell Road. It was reported to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office the following day by a school administrator.

WTSB News has learned the 11 year-old was reportedly caught with two knives and a knife sharpener in his possession.  No additional details were released because the case involves a minor.

The child is facing two counts of possession of a weapon on educational property and will have to appear in juvenile court.

No other students were reportedly involved and there were no injuries.

In March 2017, a 13 year-old student at Archer Lodge Middle was charged in juvenile court after marijuana was allegedly found concealed inside a deodorant can in his possession.