13 Year-Old Leads Law Enforcement On Five County Vehicle Pursuit

Photo courtesy ABC11

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC – A juvenile is in custody following a five county high speed chase. Around 11:00am today (Tuesday), the Bladen County 911 received a call reporting a suspect wearing a ski mask had just stolen a vehicle in Elizabethtown.

Minutes later, a Bladen County sheriff’s deputy observed the stolen vehicle near the intersection of NC 53 and NC 242 near Elizabethtown and attempted a traffic stop. The suspect fled at a high rate of speed, exceeding 110 miles per hour at times.

The suspect vehicle traveled NC 53 to Interstate 95 in Cumberland County, then northbound through Harnett and Johnston counties before turning onto Interstate 40 westbound. The chase entered Wake County and the Raleigh city limits, before the driver turned onto Rock Quarry Road. A short distance later the stolen vehicle collided with a utility pole.

Photo courtesy ABC 11

Once in custody, authorities learned the driver was 13 years-old. The juvenile denied being injured but as a precaution he was transported to Wake Med for evaluation.

The 13 year-old is facing multiple juvenile petitions and is being held in secure custody by the NC Department of Juvenile Justice.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Dunn Police Department, Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina Highway Patrol and Wake County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Until we start holding parents responsible for their minor children, expect more of this. At least the jury got it right with Jennifer Crumbley!

    • let me guess you clearly arent a big dog except maybe in the stomach and therefore feel the need to have that name to feel important.

  2. Transported to Wake Med for evaluation? I hope it is mental evaluation! This is one kid with a real big problem. He could have killed himself but worse killed someone just driving, as well a LEO. He needs to be charged as an adult as this to me this is an adult crime. 100 MPH, where did he learn to drive like that? Good job to the NC SHP and the JCSO as well as the WCSO. Hell of a day!

  3. He should be charged as an adult!! First off you steal a car…. then you run from the law that fast and through 5 counties….. Then yeah, you knew what you was doing. No need to play dumb with this one.

  4. I may have received bad information, but I was told juveniles that age won’t be held accountable for stealing cars and driving without a license. That’s why gangs of thieves use them to be the wheelmen in their thief and drug rings. Can anyone on here comment on whether that is accurate information? I see he will be charged with juvenile petitions, but what does that mean for him? I guess like others have commented – adult crime should received adult punishment.

  5. I’m guessing poor baby has no daddy or raised by his grandparents. He needs someone to love him more. He’s screaming for help and for someone to love him like a child deserves to be loved. I pray he finds it.

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