15 City Streets Selected For Repaving

The Smithfield Town Council has awarded a bid for $300,000 to repave 15 city streets.  The town had initially identified sections of 17 streets for resurfacing but dropped two streets from the list because of the bid amounts.

Four companies submitted bids for the 17 streets.  Garris Grading and Paving was the low bidder at $334,727.82, which was over the $300,000 budget.  By eliminating the resurfacing of Caswell Street between North Third and North Fourth Streets and Caswell Street between North Sixth and North Seventh Street, it lowered the total cost to the budgeted amount of $300,000.

The 15 streets that will be repaved include:

*S. Second Street – From East Davis Street to East Rose Street
Caswell Street -From North 5th Street to North 4th Street
*Bridge Street – From North 4th Street to North 5th Street
North 5th Street – From Caswell Street to Hancock Street
South 5th Street – From Johnston Street to Market Street
Front Street – From Johnston Street to Market Street
*E. Holt Street – From South 5th Street to South Brightleaf Boulevard
S. Second Street – From Sanders Street to Wellons Street
S Crescent – From Bringham Street to Sanders Street
W Holding Street – From Crescent Street to Walnut Drive
E Holt Street – From South Fourth Street to South Fifth Street
Broadway Street – From Ward Street to Martin Street
Martin Luther King Drive – From Collier Street to Lemay Street
Martin Luther King Drive – From Lemay Street to Fuller Street
Martin Luther King Drive – From Fuller Street to Harris Street

Public Works Director Lenny Branch anticipates the contractor can begin the repaving project within the next couple of weeks, weather permitting.  The project will be paid for with Powell Bill funds.

*These streets will be milled down 1-1/2 inch below the gutter line before resurfacing.