17 People Charged In Operation Crack Down

Erica Wood (left) is led away from her N. Sharpe Street home by Selma Police Detective J. Bass early Wednesday morning. Wood was among 17 suspects charged in Operation Crack Down.

More than two dozen law enforcement officers began rounding up suspected street level drug dealers early this morning (Wednesday).

Selma Police Chief R.A. Cooper said the 7 month undercover investigation, nicknamed Operation Crack Down, is an effort to rid the Town of Selma of illegal drugs.

“Anytime you can get drugs and dealers off the streets it makes the community a lot safer,” Chief Cooper said.

Erica Wood is searched by a Selma police officer before being placed in a patrol car.

The Smithfield Police Department, Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, and NC Probation and Parole assisted Selma Police with the roundup.

Among those arrested was Erica Wood who was awakened at her North Sharpe Street home by a team of officers including a K-9 handler.  Asked by a WTSB News reporter what she thought about Selma Police working to rid the community of drug dealers, Wood replied, “I don’t give a f**k. As long as it’s not me and my kids I don’t care.”

(Left to right) Eddie Atkinson of Brevard Street and David Lucas of Azalea Court, Selma await processing on felony drug charges at the Selma Police Department following their arrests this morning in Operation Crack Down.

Wood was one of the 17 alleged street level drug dealers identified by Selma Police in Operation Crack Down.  Two of the 17 suspects are currently on probation.

By Wednesday afternoon, more than half of the suspects had been arrested and taken to the Johnston County Jail.


  1. This response is after reading about the 17 people who were charged during a crackdown on drugs in the Selma area. It makes me sad to see a young woman being in handcuffs and using such filthy language when she was asked how she felt about officers trying to rid the town of illegal drugs. I am pretty sure if she used such foul language in front of those she doesn’t know, she speaks the same way around her children. I wish these parents would tame their tongue and realize their own children will say words like this….like mother, like daughter/son. As a parent, we are to set a good example for our children! Parents, I ask you to stop and think what kind of example you are setting by doing/selling drugs, stealing, cursing, and getting yourself in other bad situations. Children deserve better. Please do the right thing for those you love!

  2. Well, if she doesn’t give a f**k, then I don’t give one if she goes to prison. However, I do hope that her children have someone in their lives that does give a f**k and will give them a chance at a normal life that doesn’t include a suspected low level drug dealer in it.

  3. Great jobs guys,SORRY I wasn’t there to assit. Sometimes it just makes you want to knock the spit out of their mouths when they are so disrespectful like that. That goes to show you she has no respect for herself,or her children. God bless these poor innocent children that are put in this kind of abuse.
    And I agree with you also Beth Thomas,and
    100% ProundYoung Grandma!

    • She had no respect for her own mother she talked to her like that her family disowned her cause of the crap she said n did

      • Well,I’ve been raised that,if you don’t have any respect for yourself…then you sure ain’t gonna have none for anyone eles.
        This girl better wake up! If she will disrespect her own parents,then she will disrespect anyone. This girl is running with the wrong ppl. and she needs a major wake-up up call for her sake and her children’s. I believe in giving people chances,but they got to be willing to make a change or else there’s only so much you can do.
        My prayers and heart goes out to the parents of this girl. To the parents of her…
        Just remember,it’s the drugs doing this to her,if she was clean…you would see a total new person❤

  4. I will risk the wrath of other readers by reminding everybody that in this country, every suspect is presumed to be innocent until a judge or jury pronounces otherwise. Cast aspersions all say long, but these people have been charged, not convicted. If you were in their position, you would pray for that same presumption. Not even using bad words warrants a guilty judgment.

    • My response was because of her using such foul language. I assume she used the “F” word because what she said was in quotes. I have been around long enough to know what kind of language is used by many in society today. It is never OK to use this type of language, especially around younger impressionable people. I am not stupid enough to think this language is “never” used around her children. I agree she is not being tried by a judge and will not be sent to jail over her foul words, but it still is not morally right to spout off filth.

  5. Where are the names and photos of all the rest? Judgement is no less wrong than the words used when we do not know their story. Getting these young adults off the street selling is great but what about the big guys that bring it into the county/town? If you tell a young adult that is struggling to make ends meet, that they can make this amount of money in 2 nights a week vs working 7 8-10hr days, it takes great strength for them to say no to someone that just may be a pillar in the community.

    • Well, my POINT BEING IS DC,

  6. Well if they are found guilty I’m glad!!! We do not need this lazy trash in our communities instead of getting a job and earning money the honest way you wanna be some lil drug thug that continues to poison the addicts and invite new ones in…..

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