$2.8 Million Bid Awarded For HVAC Upgrades At Three Schools

JOHNSTON COUNTY – The Johnston County Public School Board will spend $2,863,500 to update HVAC equipment at three public school campuses.

Heating and air conditioning units at Selma Elementary, West Johnston High, and Corinth Holders Elementary will be updated under a bid awarded this month to a Greensboro company. Three bids were received for the work. The $2,863,500 bid was the lowest received.

Controls for all three HVAC systems will be overhauled to improve efficiency and air quality, including the replacement of controllers, sensors, and thermostats, among other work.


  1. WHAT ABOUT SMITHFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL? CONSTANT BS FOR YEARS WITHOUT A TRUE FIX. We have new Astroturf fields at high schools but every year SmMS goes days and weeks with A/C Units offline. Put the central office clowns in the classroom when it hot or when its dead winter. Same with the stupid roof they put on the school that had hundreds of leaks before the fix but continued to have leaks after the fix. Or the hallways and classrooms that flood after heavy rains because the pump system sucks and no one wants to fix it. Why should they care when they can have the underpaid custodial staff come in early, on the weekends or stay late and clean up because no one wants to fix the problems.

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