31 Apply For Vacant School Board Seat

Thirty-one people have applied for a vacant seat on the Johnston County Public School Board. The deadline to apply was 11:59pm Monday, Feb. 15th.

The applicants include:

1)  Jaron Benson
2)  Al Byrd
3)  Summer Capps
4)  Sarah Chera
5)  Wayah Rose Colombo
6)  Brice Connors
7)  Kenon Crumble
8)  Kenneth Edge
9)  Heather Fox
10)  Ava Gaines
11)  Brian Jenkins
12)  Mark Lane
13)  Toni McLamb
14)  George Moore
15)  Susan Moore
16)  John Mulhern IV
17)  Teena Nichols
18)  Robert O’Neal, Jr.
19)  Thomas Presti
20)  J.M. Radford, Jr.
21)  Marvin Rawls, Jr.
22)  Phillip Roberts
23)  Jeff Robinson
24)  Stephen Sellers
25)  Charles Snyder
26)  Terry Tippett
27)  Lock Whiteside
28)  Gary Whitman
29)  Dr. Chuck Williams
30)  Paul Yates
31)  Matt Zaske  

Former Micro Mayor Jim Wiesner had applied but withdrew his name from consideration. The candidate selected will fill out the term of Tracie Zukowski, which expires in 2022.  Zukowski resigned in January.