4 Injured During Crash On I-95

A family of four escaped with only minor injuries after their compact car collided with a tractor trailer Monday on Interstate 95.

The two vehicle accident was reported around 6:00pm in the southbound lanes of I-95 at Brogden Road in Smithfield.

A South Carolina couple and their two young children received non-life threatening injuries after their car collided with a semi.  The driver of the truck was not injured.

Johnston County EMS, the Smithfield Fire Department and NC Highway Patrol responded to the scene.  Photos by JoCoReport.com


    • Ok, first off nobody said the truck driver was at fault….. second I bet you like all the amenities them trucks bring to you

      • No one said he was at fault,but from experience myself…i know personally they will run you over and off the road way. Not all but most. Thanks for your comment.

        • It is so nice to finally have someone agree to disagree. I’m not saying there isn’t those of them who do assume they run the road, but there’s exactly the same amount of people who think “to hell with them.”

    • I drive trucks and have 1.2 million miles safe driving recorded. In all actual fact more truck accidents are recorded due to a cars actions or avoidance of what other obstacles are than anything else. The fmcsa which regulates truck traffic did a study and concluded out of all reportable wrecks in 2015 that 92 percent were because of another vehicle’s actions. But I’ll give you one point to yours one major issue with newer drivers is that in 3 weeks you can go to school for a class a spend 6 weeks after with a trainer and bam you have your own truck. But the big companies pay the trainers for the more miles a trainee drives so they always just want the new driver driving forward. Then you top it all of with the ever changing rules and regulations passed almost monthly. Cutting hours of service back so today’s driver is rushing just so he can get a place to park so he doesn’t get a huge fine. But no one mentions how rest areas keep closing their are fewer truck stops now than 3 years ago and the driver being detained by a shipper or receiver for hours past their appointments then told u have to leave now. Wanna fix the problem go after these facts first

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