$5.4 Million In State Funds Will Pay For 7 Smithfield Projects

Smithfield Town Manager Mike Scott at the Feb. 1, 2022 town council meeting. The Johnston County Report Photo

SMITHFIELD – The Town of Smithfield has been awarded $5,475,800 from the State of North Carolina to assist with seven projects.

The Town will use the funds to rebuilt and expand the Downtown Amphitheater, expand the Eva Ennis Splash Pad, expand a multi-use path from Smith-Collins Park to the JCC Pond along with a multi-use path around Smithfield Collins Park.

Funds were also earmarked to increase the culvert size under the CSX Railroad Track in the 1500 block of US Highway 301 South to help with flooding issues. Other money will be used to increase the capacity at Pump Station #11 and built an outfall line East of Interstate 95, increase the capacity at Pump Station #1, and build a force main sewer line in North Smithfield.

At the February meeting of the Smithfield Town Council, the council voted to accept the direct funds from the State of North Carolina.

Some of the state funds will be used to rebuild and expand the amphitheater in Downtown Smithfield. 2019 Johnston County Report Photo

Town Manager Mike Scott told The Johnston County Report the state funds are intended to pay for all of these projects. “They do not require a match amount from the Town unless the final expenditures are over budget. We are very fortunate to have legislators who fought for Smithfield to acquire these funds. Smithfield is on the books as a growing community. One that offers an abundance of services.”

“These funds will allow us to offer a bit more by bringing a state of the art amphitheater to Smithfield along its riverfront and downtown, while also creating a multiuse path connecting the Town to the JCC Campus and creating another recreational feature incorporating the storm pond. This project also brings to fruition an enlarged splash pad in District 1 and enhanced parking for Smith Collins Park.”

State funds will also be used to enlarge a culvert under the CSX railroad track that backs up stormwater runoff during heavy rain. This drone photo of flooding at ARI on South Brightleaf Boulevard followed 5 inches of rainfall in July 2019. Town of Smithfield Photo

“The other funds help us by improving infrastructure in preparation of the growth already approved in West Smithfield and North Smithfield. It also allows to improve the storm drainage as it leaves Smithfield and moves towards I-95. This should decrease flooding in an area where we would like continued business growth in South Smithfield,” Mr. Scott said. “These projects will all help us positively manage our growth without having to place additional burden on our tax payers in Smithfield.”

“Much of the work is already underway in the form of seeking qualifications for engineering and architectural firms and working with CSX to manage their permitting system to increase the storm water drainage in the area of the 1500 block of South 301. We are working with the Office of State Budget Management to complete the necessary grant contracts to make the money available for these projects. We expect this to be completed this month.”

“These are all exciting projects and will benefit every member of the community in multiple ways,” the Town manager said.


  1. Can we PLEASE get all the litter picked up daily so the town doesn’t look like crap? It doesn’t matter what else is done. If there is garbage everywhere the town looks bad. Make it a position and hire someone! Or call Bizzell and let the non violent jail birds pick it up. Give us a number to report tags. I see it daily some long arm throwing out their chicken wing bones! Tell the police to arrest them. Isn’t it illegal to litter? Do something because all other improvements are like putting lipstick on a pig. How fitting since we love our pigs!

  2. This is awesome, much needed for the Town of Smithfield! But may I add, your police department employees need a raise! They are the ones who keep the town safe, put their lives in danger every single day. Retaining good employees should be a priority!

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