9 Year-Old Seriously Injured In ATV, Truck Collision

A Four Oaks boy was badly injured after a John Deere Gator he was operating was struck by a pickup truck Wednesday.

The accident was reported at 6:40pm on Strickland’s Crossroads Road near Four Oaks.

The NC Highway Patrol said the 9 year-old was crossing the roadway in the utility vehicle to go fishing and failed to yield to an oncoming Ford F-350 truck driven by Oliver Dobson of Magnolia.

The child was ejected from the ATV and dragged a short distance along the roadway before the truck could come to a complete stop.

The victim was rushed to Wake Medical Center then transferred to the UNC Chapel Hill Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Troopers have not released the name of the child, but did say he was not wearing a helmet.

The driver of the truck was not injured.  A spokesperson for the Highway Patrol said no charges have been filed and the investigation was still ongoing.

Trooper M. Samoksy is investigation the crash.


    • First off, you’re not even from NC… why must you have a comment? Secondly, the child goes every day fishing at the same pond. That is all he was doing, going fishing. So, please stop with your comments when you don’t even know the full story. Also, his parents were too busy working at their jobs to support your welfare self.

      • First off, in a place that allows comments anyone can comment.

        Second, the story as outlined in this article pretty much is the full story.

        Third, of all the people I know that have children around this age none of them let their children drive a vehicle unsupervised, if they even let them drive them at all without them in the vehicle. I certainly would not hand a 9 year old the keys to mine and let them anywhere near a road.

        So what if he was going fishing? Why does that even matter? He had a vehicle crossing the road. With apparently no adult supervision.

        The parents should be charged with child neglect if they were working, because they are obviously too busy to raise their child. Perhaps if they had been supporting their family instead this tragedy would not have happened.

        • Instead of bashing parents maybe you should take up a cause and really make a difference in the world. This little boy has lots of family and friends who love him very much. Obviously, you have no concept of growing up on a farm. So each time you slide up to the table be sure to remember some farmer and his family played a part in bringing it to your table. However, in light of your concern you will be happy to know he is surrounded by all his loved ones and is on the road to recovery. I hope if you have children, you could spend a little less time passing judgement. Matthew 7:1 Judge not lest you be judged.

          • It is sad that something happened to this kid. But it is not passing judgement to point out a simple truth. Another simple truth is pointing out that while accusing someone else passing judgement you seem to have passed it on me. You have no idea where or how I grew up, but common sense was a part of my upbringing. You never go near the road, ever. This was an accident, but one waiting to happen if he was allowed to do what he did. I also teach that to those that depend on me to keep them safe.

          • To the contrary, I did not judge you. I made an assumption about your knowledge of what it is like to live in a community where farming is a mainstay. I can see that your superior knowledge of rearing children will make you the perfect parent who raises the perfect little family with the perfect little children. Having two of my own and being the best parent I can be, I can tell you that is not always the case. But for you, my friend, I pray it will be so. This family has been hurtenough. No need to reply. Discussion over. God bless you and yours.

          • To first correct a problem you must completely understand everything about it. Take the definition of “to judge” for example, it is to form an opinion or draw a conclusion about something or someone. Seems to be a recurring theme in your posts.
            All I am saying is to use this as a learning experience so that hopefully you will never have to go through it. People hit kids when​ a huge bus is sitting there with flashers everywhere. You never ever let kids get near roads. Country roads more than most. I don’t have superior knowledge when it comes to kids, but I do understand the dangers that face them and ones that we place them in.

          • If you don’t want judgment honey then don’t look at the comments section. That’s what its there for. People’s opinions and judgement. My suggestion would be to use the energy you put in changing people’s opinions on this site and helping the family heal since you seem to have a “dog in the fight” so to speak. Praying for the boys full recovery

          • Maybe instead of trying to change everyone’s opninion on a public discussion site you should put all that energy into helping the family heal. Praying for the boy’s speedy recovery

      • Ma’am, I can appreciate family taking up for one another, but coming from someone who knows the family in question, parenting has never been a strong suit. It it doesn’t just start with the nine year olds’ parents either. The paternal grandparents weren’t very successful with the son either. It’s not just my opionon either, ask around Johnston County and you’ll find a great many business owners and property owners that have been taken advantage of. As for the young man, it’s a shame this has happened and I hope him well, but just because he can physically operate the Gator, it doesn’t mean he comprehends all the effects his actions may cause. And I know for a fact that comes from his father!

  1. It’s likely this poor child has extensive brain injury, in which case his care for the rest of his life will cost us millions. Millions. So I have enough of an investment in the case to say he had no business on a public roadway at his young age regardless of where or who his people are. I dont know them from Adam, but i know disability and Medicaid and PT and OT and having an impaired child. All the prayers should be that Medicaid survives.

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