91 Seniors Graduate

Graduation ceremonies were held Friday at two Johnston County Public Schools.

Johnston County Middle College High School graduated 42 students during a ceremony Fridaymorning.   The middle college allows students to earn both college and high school credits.

Johnston County Early College Academy (JCECA) graduated 49 student Friday afternoon.   JCECA is a 5 year school where graduates receive both a high school diploma and a two year Associate Degree in College Transfer from Johnston Community College.

The 8 high schools in Johnston County will hold commencement ceremonies on Friday, June 8th.  As of Friday, an estimated 2,409 seniors will receive their diplomas next month.

Here is the schedule:

Clayton High – June 8th 6:30pm – 431 graduates
Cleveland High – June 8th 6:00pm – 359 graduates
Corinth Holders – June 8th 6:30pm – 409 graduates
North Johnston – June 8th 5:00pm – 172 graduates
Princeton High – June 8th 7:00pm – 129 graduates
Smithfield-Selma – June 8th 6:00pm – 276 graduates
South Johnston – June 8th 6:00pm – 326 graduates
West Johnston  – June 8th 6:00pm – 307 graduates