959 New Home Permits, 882 Building Lots Approves So Far This Year

Johnston County is growing at a rate of 5 new homes per day, according to statistics from the Johnston County Inspections Department.

In the first six months of 2019 (Jan. 1 – June 30) 959 permits were issued for new single family homes, an average of about 5.3 homes per day being permitted.

According to newly released data, Johnston County saw a 3.6% increase in home permits for the first half of 2019 compared to the first half 2018. Numbers for the first six months of this year were up 19% from 2018, 16% higher than 2017, and 61% higher than housing starts in the first half of 2016. Numbers are up 72% compared to 2015.

Commercial construction and manufactured housing numbers were down.    44 commercial building permits were issued from Jan. 1 – June 30 of this year, down from 67 during the same six month period in 2018.  Doublewide and singlewide permits declined 30 percent from a year ago, falling from 95 to 73.   Modular home and duplex permit numbers were virtually unchanged.

Construction of new homes, especially in northern and western Johnston County shows no signs of slowing down. According to the Johnston County Planning Department, as of May 31st, 116 subdivisions have been approved this year. 25 of those subdivisions are classified as major. Altogether, the 116 newly-approved subdivisions total 882 building lots.  The June report said 5 major subdivisions with an additional 179 lots were pending approval.

The Inspections Department issued a total of 3,426 permits from Jan. to June representing $252,335,241.74 in value. A total of $1,433,405.25 in fees were collected.

That’s compared to 3,397 total permits for the same 6 month period in 2018 with a value of $292,490.004.57. $1,507,787.02 in fees were collected for the period.

Todd Ramsey, Director of the Johnston County Environmental Health Department, said the demand for subdivision lot evaluations is up significantly. In 2018, 1,683 applications for lot evaluations were received.  In the first six months of 2019, 1,479 applications have been received, equal to 88% of the total evaluations for 2018.