A Look Back To 1919 And The Banner Warehouse

It’s 1919. The United Parcel Service begins delivering Christmas gifts, Nat “King” Cole, Andy Rooney, Jackie Robinson, Liberace and Malcom Forbes are born.

Red Sox slugger Babe Ruth is traded to the Yankees beginning the superstition of the Curse of The Bambino. The American Legion forms in Paris, France.

Oregon becomes the first state to tax gasoline. A Liberty powered Curtiss flying boat, the NC-4, commanded by Lieutenant Albert C. Read and flown by Walter Hinton makes the first trans-Atlantic flight.

Major League Baseball outlaws the spitball. The US Post Office charges 2¢ for postage. North Carolinian Carl Sandburg wins the Pulitzer Prize.

The Grand Canyon becomes an American park.  Leslie Irvin bails out over McCook Field in Dayton, Ohio in the first free fall parachute jump.

A tank ruptures in Boston, Massachusetts sending a 3 foot high wave of molasses through town killing 21 people and several horses, and this is the Banner Ware House operated by Proprietors Skinner and Patterson in Smithfield. Originally contributed by Carter Rabil in 2009.