A Look Back To 1925

It’s 1925. The World’s Fair opens in Chicago, John Scopes is fined $100 for teaching evolution in Tennessee, NY Yankee Babe Ruth is fined $5000 for a night on the town in New York, the Chicago Cubs games are first broadcast on WGN radio, Fred Waller is awarded a patent for his water skis, Madison Square Garden hosts its first hockey game, the New Yorker publishes its first copy, Earl Sande wins the Kentucky Derby aboard Flying Ebony, the Goodyear blimp goes airborne, Peter Depaolo is the first to average over 100 mph at Indy, NY Yankee Lou Gehrig hits the first of his 23 Grand Slams, the Grand Ole Opry premieres on WSM radio in Nashville, Rene Lacoste wins at Wimbledon, the Ford Model T sells for $290, a gallon of gas is 2¢, a loaf of bread is 9¢, a dozen eggs is 44¢, a pound of bacon is 47¢ and an ice cold Coca-Cola at Benson Drug will set you back a nickel.  Photo courtesy of The Johnston County Heritage Center.  Originally submitted in 2009 by Carter Rabil