A Look Back To 1935 In Smithfield

It’s 1935. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ is approved by Congress and the federal gold vault is built at Ft. Knox,  the first Sugar and Orange Bowls are played, the NFL begins the draft.

Bob Hope and the first broadcast of Fibber McGee and Molly crack them up on the radio, Monopoly is being played across America, New York Yankee Babe Ruth is released and he signs for the season with the Boston Braves.

Gene Sarazen putts his way to victory at the second Master’s Tourney, airplanes are no longer allowed to fly over the White House, the Cincinnati Reds defeat the Philadelphia Phillies in the first night baseball game played, an earthquake kills 50,000 people in Pakistan, longwinded Senator Huey Long speaks before Congress for over 15 hours and Oklahoma City installs the first parking meters.

Malcom Campbell cruises over 300 MPH in a Sunbeam at the Bonneville Salt Falts, Howard Hughes glides to almost 600 MPH in plane he designed, Sir Watson-Watts patents the first RADAR, Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess are on Broadway, the famous Variety headline reads Sticks Nix Hick Pix and nylon is discovered by Dr. Wallace Carothers.

A V-8 Ford sells for $495, gas is 19¢ a gallon, bread is 7¢ a loaf, first class stamps are 3¢, while the Boulder Dam and Smithfield’s Gabriel Johnston Hotel construction projects are finally completed.  Originally submitted in 2009 by Carter Rabil