A Look Back To 1947 In Johnston County

a-look-back-1947It’s 1947. The World War II Peace Treaties are signed, President Harry Truman vows to fight communism, WTTG goes on the air in Washington, DC, the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Chicago Stags in the first NBA Championship, the instant camera by E. H. Land snaps a photo in New York, ‘A Woman to Remember’ is the first soap opera on TV,  Jimmy Demaret dons the green jacket at the Masters, the first Tony Awards are presented to Arthur Miller, Patricia Neal and David Wayne, the CIA is established, John Lujack of Notre Dame wins the Heisman, Jack Kramer wins the Wimbledon, the Atomic Energy Commission is formed, Percival Prattis becomes the first black reporter allowed in the Congressional press gallery, Howard Hughes’ ‘Spruce Goose’ flies for the first and last time, Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in a Bell XS-1, Holy Cross defeats Oklahoma to win the 9th NCAA hoops championship, the Toronto Maple Leafs snatch Lord Stanley’s Cup from the Montreal Canadiens, “You Bet Your Life” with Groucho Marx premieres on ABC radio, BF Goodrich develops the tubeless tire, five years of WWII sugar rationing ends, ‘The Howdy Doody Show’ is first telecast on NBC, the tennis shoe is introduced, Babe Didrikson becomes the first American to win the British Women’s Amateur Golf Championship, Tennessee Williams’ ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ premieres in New York City, the Boulder Dam is renamed the Hoover Dam, radar is first used on airplanes, the transistor is invented by Bardeen, Brattain and Shockley in Bell Labs, the first night baseball games are played, Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson is named Rookie of Year by Sporting News, NY Yankee Joe DiMaggio wins his 3rd MVP, Babe Ruth Day is celebrated throughout the United States and these boys are checking out the offerings of the Johnston County Bookmobile at Glendale School.

Contributed by Carter Rabil.