A Look Back To 1960

It’s 1960. Elvis pulls his hitch in the U.S. Army, the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings join the National Football League, and the Chicago Cardinals move to St. Louis.

The first patent for a laser is awarded, Ben-Hur wins the Best Picture Oscar, Charlton Heston wins Best Actor, the first weather satellite is in orbit,  and the 50th star on the 27th flag of the United States is stitched for Hawaii.

NY Yankee Mickey Mantle hits homer #300, Chubby Checker is doing the Twist while Ray Charles has Georgia On His Mind and Loretta Lynn is busy recording Honky Tonk Girl.

Route 66 debuts on CBS and My Three Sons debuts on ABC. Cassius Clay wins his first fight, changes his name to Muhammad Ali and wins another.

John F. Kennedy is running for President and Lt. General Edwin B. Broadhurst of Smithfield, Chief of Staff at the U.S. Strategic Air Command Headquarters, is pictured talking to General Curtis Lemay, General Thomas Power and Senator Henry Jackson. Originally contributed in 2009 by Carter Rabil.