Abandoned Nursing Home Could Be Condemned

An abandoned nursing home in the Smithfield city limits is now being scrutinized by town officials.  Councilman Travis Scott has requested city leaders investigate who owns the vacant nursing home at the intersection of Buffalo Road and Hospital Road and see if they have any future plans for the two buildings.

The property was flooded during Hurricanes Floyd and Fran but sustained even worse flooding during Hurricane Matthew last October. Scott said he is concerned it could potentially become a health hazard.

Planning Director Paul Embler told Scott they had attempted to make contact with the out-of-state owner without success. In an email to WTSB Radio, Town Manager Michael Scott said the nursing home property is owned by a corporation headquartered in California. County tax records indicate the 4.3 acre site is owned by Smithfield Property Holdings LLC of Hickory, NC.

Town Manager Scott said the Johnston County Inspections Office has been contacted to inspect the building.  Afterwards any health or safety issues will be determined.  Officials are also checking to see if the owner is current on property taxes.

“If all else fails, I would recommend moving forward with condemnation procedures,” the town manager said in the email.

Johnston County Inspections Director Dean Barbour said he is waiting to hear from the owners representative to do the walk through inspection. So far the inspection has not taken place.