Addicts Who Can’t Get Painkillers Turning To Anti-Diarrhea Pills “Poor Man’s Methadone”

The Food and Drug Administration is asking manufacturers of anti-diarrhea medications to update their packaging to eliminate abuse of the over-the-counter pills.

Regulators said there are growing concerns about the abuse of Imodium A-D and similar anti-diarrhea treatments being abused.

The maximum recommended daily does is four 2-milligram tablets. Taken in larger quantities, the FDA says they can cause dangerous irregular heartbeats and mild highs.  The products are readily available without a prescription at drugstores and many retail establishments.

A key ingredient is Loperamide. It is nicknamed the “poor man’s methadone.”  People with addiction to opioids are turning to Loperamide medication because it is cheaper and easier to obtain.

Last month, the FDA asked manufacturers to voluntarily change their packaging to contain only enough anti-diarrhea medication for short-term use.  For example, instead of selling in bulk, the FDA recommended companies repackage pills for a two day treatment and place the pills in blister packs so they must be unpeeled for each single dose.

If this doesn’t work, the FDA may consider requiring Imodium and other brands, including generics, be placed behind the counter and impose other restrictions.

Deaths from loperamide overdoses have been steadily increasing since 2016.


  1. Oh please, let them have their anti poop med. They are going to get their addicted hands on something, Better this than heroin. That life must really suck!

  2. Because of drug addicts everything is going to wind up behind a window & have to sign for it…. Whats next, cough drops?

  3. Really????? The government cannot save people from themselves! There was a guy a while back who got arrested 5 times for huffing compressed air, these people will do anything to get high. If they want to kill themselves, let them have at it. They are a waste of space anyway.

        • I agree 100%, I can’t believe anyone would call someone else a waste of space for merely relaying their thoughts. I guess when you run on feelings and not thinking that is what happens.

      • I would really like to see an explanation to this. So the poster you replied to thinks that people who do whatever they can to get drugs or get high are useless and you “feel” that the poster is a waste of space. Why?

    • Waste of space? Do you not believe in recovery for people with addiction problems? Your line of thinking is below sensible Humans. One day you or someone you love may be a victim of drug abuse. You may change your attitude.

      • How much is enough? How long do you try to help someone before you realize that they don’t want help? Will you still continue to think you can help when they steal everything you have, then threaten you to get more?

        Some people are worse off than people with drug addiction problems. They think that a little kindness and some help will do for anyone suffering. That no matter what a person has done they can be helped like that. It is sad that it has no basis in reality. People will not reform themselves until they decide to, if they decide to.

        There are some people that want to be helped and generally will seek it out once they have hit rock bottom.

        People who have dealt with someone with these problems have the same attitude Edie does. They become less than human, only ever searching for the next high and do not care who it hurts to get it. I’ve dealt with it and understand it, the one truth I have found is that you can’t help someone who does not want it.

      • I have had several people that I care about who became drug addicts. They will lie, steal or whatever they have to do to get their next high. They are not “victims”, they made a conscience decision to start in the first place. Their family and friends are the true victims.

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