Advisory Board Appointments Approved

The Johnston County Public School Board has approved appointments to advisory boards at five schools.

Selma Middle
Sonya Edmundson was appointed to a three year term on the advisory board at Selma Middle.

Shamona Foreman and Stevie Prince were both reappointed to 3 year terms.  All the terms end in 2020.

Smithfield Middle
Betsy Stevens and Bryan Jenkins were both reappointed to the advisory board at Smithfield Middle School to terms ending in June 2020.

Innovation Academy At South Campus
Claudia Jara, Alexis Battle, Meredith White, Destiny Savage, Charles Brewer and Shalee Sams were appointed to three year terms at the Innovation Academy at South Campus.

The terms will end in June 2020.

West View Elementary
Sandra Pascal and Miriam Black were new member appointees to the West View Elementary School advisory board.

Micro Elementary
Robert Talton was appointed to a 3 year term on the Micro Elementary Advisory Board.