Apex Police Wins National Vehicle Design Award

Apex Police 2The Apex Police Departments new vehicle design was recently awarded the grand prize for the best looking police car in the country by Law and Order Magazine.  The Apex police vehicle was pictured on the cover of the August issue. The contest was based on ability to identify the vehicle as a police vehicle, safety of the officers, overall appearance and the judges also looked at factors such as departmental symbols, names in easy-to-read lettering, a badge, shield or community seal, emergency phone numbers and websites. For visibility, the judges looked for reflective tape/graphics and decals.

One judge wrote, “This is a one-of-a-kind design… a twist on the traditional black-and-white design. It could be the black-and-white police car of the future. The colors enhance each other and we really like the chevron on the back. The POLICE lettering on the hood and rear is easy to read. The badge is a nice touch, too!”

The Apex Police Department recently attend the International Fleet Expo where they were presented the award. Several Apex officers helped create the award-winning design.