ATV Operator Dies Following Accident

A Benson man is dead following a four wheeler accident. The victim, 45 year-old Larry Scott Johnson, died following the 12:10am incident early Sunday.

WTSB News has learned Johnson and a friend were riding four wheelers alongside the railroad tracks. Johnson was riding his ATV in front. The witness said Johnson was going too fast when his ATV traveled onto the pavement at the Oliver’s Grove Road crossing, went airborne and was ejected, according to Tammy Amaon, Johnston County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer.

Railroad-Image-FIThe witness said he attempted to find his cell phone to call for help but could not located it in the dark. The friend began CPR on Johnson for 10 to 15 minutes. After not seeing anyone pass through the rural crossing, the witness told authorities he placed Johnson on his ATV and drove him back to his home on Camelia Road and called for help.

Firefighters and paramedics arrived but were unable to resuscitate Johnson and he died at the scene.

State officials said people should stay off railroad tracks whether walking or riding ATV’s.

NC Department of Transportation Rail Division Director Paul Worley told WTSB News, “We always want to stress to the public that this is dangerous, and this particular fatality shows again that injuries can occur around tracks when trains are not even in site.”   

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death.  Sheriff’s office spokesperson Tammy Amaon said detectives are working to determine if alcohol or speed played any factor in the fatal mishap.