Auditors Find No Wrongdoing

Benson-Town-of-LogoLess than a month after an anonymous tip prompted the State Auditor’s Office to investigate the Town of Benson, the town has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Late Wednesday Mayor William Massengill Jr. released a statement saying the Benson Board of Commissioners met staff from the Office of State Auditor to learn the results of the investigation prompted by information sent to an internet based tip line.  Massengill said the investigation was complete and no action was taken by the state.

Mayor Massengill said, “The Town of Benson understands and fully supports the work of the State Auditor to assure that the people’s monies are spent according to law.  The elected officials and staff serving the Town of Benson seek to uphold the highest of standards in spending public resources.”

The Town of Benson first met with auditors on Feb. 12th after the anonymous complaint was made.  Massengill said last month the town was not aware of any impropriety and the town was transparent on how public funds were used.