Author Inspires Kindergartners At Polenta Elementary

Students pose with author Pat Zietlow Miller on the Smartboard through virtual meeting on Oct. 23. (From the left) Piper Johnson, Addie Dunn, Mykhal Austin, Justin Andrade, Maeve Eaton, Zadia Frazier, Clarity Bowden, and Peyton Smith.

Polenta Elementary kindergarten students recently participated in the project based learning unit called “Got Kindness?” During the learning unit they were able to meet Pat Zietlow Miller the author of the book “Be Kind.”

Kindergarten teachers Tara Roy and Lena LeBoeuf organized a virtual meeting with Miller. Students listened to Miller read her book aloud and then asked questions about being an author and writing a book about kindness.

Student Zadia Frazier asked Miller, “How did you pick the name Tanisha, for girl in the book?”

Miller told the class, “I noticed the name on a sales clerk’s name badge, and liked it so much that I decided to use it in my book.”  She explained to the students that they should take names and experiences from every day and write stories about them.

Miller encouraged the children to write something every day and keep it to use later in a story.