Authorities Working To ID Suspicious Person At School Board Member’s Home

SMITHFIELD – A member of the Johnston County Board of Education summoned authorities to his home early Monday morning. Around 3:09am, Kevin Donovan reported a suspicious person outside his residence.

Security cameras captured the individual as he walked through the yard at Mr. Donovan’s home on Stevens Sausage Road. The person was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, gloves, and bandana over their face.

Donovan said deputies were on the scene within three minutes but the individual had already fled. A similar incident happened in July.

Donovan, who was sworn in this month to the Johnston County School Board, shared the video on social media in hopes someone will recognize the person.

No property was reported missing. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. If you recognize the person please contact the JCSO at 919-989-5000.


  1. Wah, wah… What w snowflake! Oh no, a stranger in my yard, be terrified! This is the problem: people nowadays are afraid to take care of themselves, and cry to the government for every little thing!

  2. It’s not like he lives in town where people may be cutting through a yard for a shortcut. He lives in the country. Are some of you REALLY comfortable with a hooded stranger in your yard at 3:09 am? Get real….there has already been a burglary at this property before. The dude was up to no good.

    • Yes, I understand that he may be up to no good. That is not the point. The point is that police respond to many of these calls. Why give this “victim” more press than any other when no crime other than trespass has been reported? He was given more of a response/audience than most victims of crime in this county. Again, we are only talking about trespassing on private property. I have had people walk around my property before and yes, I have contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report it. What I have not done is contact the local press to make a deal out of it.

      • So now you’re saying Kevin is up to no good for telling the press? Where is your evidence of that?? You give the guy trespassing the benefit of the doubt but are quick to accuse Kevin. Sounds like you have a political beef but this isn’t the forum for that.

      • JohnF….FYI the “victim” did not ask for this info to be published in the first place. The incident was reported and LEO responded and filed a report. The JoCo News folks get their info from public reports at all the various agencies – it’s public record.

    • Sorry @Squirrely, but here in AMERICA you are innocent until proven guilty. If you want to live where the government automatically assumes you’re guilty, go move to China. According to the article, there was nothing stolen. Seems like a typical politician false-flag operation to me. I wouldn’t put it past the JoCo School Board members to have staged this entire video to generate false sympathy (they’ll do anything to confuse the public and keep attention away from their misdeeds. Notice that in the video, the person does not every turn directly towards the camera — it is as though he knows *exactly* where they are. And when the flood lights turn on, he doesn’t even flinch.

  3. Gasp….. someone cut through the yard…. I live in a rural area of Joco and it happens. Just add 100 floodlights like all the other transplants we have

  4. Kevin is now a elected official and will be forever treated differently in anykind of a investigation. Should he lose his life in anyway other than natural you on the left of politics do realize that the State becomes involved in the investigation, because he was an elected official.

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