Backhoe Operator Seriously Injured

The operator of a backhoe was hospitalized with serious injuries following an accident in southern Johnston County.

Around 2:30pm Thursday, authorities said 71 year-old William David Godwin was attempting to start a backhoe at his home in the 8700 block of US 701 South, just north of Newton Grove.  Godwin thought the backhoe was out of gear when he started it from the ground and it began to move.  Godwin attempted to reach for the gear lever however his leg was run over by the rear wheel.

The backhoe continued forward striking the victim’s Ford F150 truck and his Ford Thunderbird passenger car before coming to a stop.

Godwin was taken by ambulance to Wake Medical Center for a serious injury to his leg. At last report he was in stable condition.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to investigate the mishap.