Bat Removal To Cost $5,000

Selma Civic Center Committee Member Ann Williams appeared before the Selma Town Council Tuesday night to receive approval to spend $5,000 to remove bats from the vacant building.

Bats are causing a problem at the proposed future home of the Selma Civic Center.

Ann Williams, a member of the Selma Civic Center Committee, appeared before the Selma Town Council on Tuesday night informing members of a bat problem in the vacant building.

Williams received approval to spend $5,000 to hire Carolina Wildlife Removal of Wendell to remove the bat colony and bat proof the structure. Officials hope the work can be completed before April 1st.

A state law enforced by the NC Wildlife Commission prohibits excluding bats from buildings between April 1st and August 1st of each year because this is their mating season.

After the bats are removed, any holes in the exterior of the building one-half inch or greater will be sealed to prevent them from returning. The company will provide a one year warranty.

USDA Grant Application Update

The Committee filed an application in January for a USDA grant. Afterwards, committee officials met with the USDA and were advised to amend their grant request from $300,000 to under $250,000. The committee approved changing the request to $225,000.  The USDA expects to notify the organization no later than April 15th if they will receive funding.