Bed Bugs Close Social Services Building

The Main Building at the Department of Social Services (DSS) in Smithfield has been closed due to bed bugs.

Johnston-County-Department-of-Social-Services-FIThursday morning, Johnston County officials said bed bugs were found in the waiting area and a few offices at the DSS Main Building at 714 North Street in Smithfield. Bed bugs are small reddish brown insects that live by feeding off the blood of humans, but do not transmit disease.

Bed bug bites can cause skin irritations, rashes, allergic symptoms, and psychological effects.   

A pest control specialist performed an inspection Thursday morning and recommended a treatment protocol to remedy the problem. As a result, officials announced the Main Building would be closed Thursday and Friday and not reopen to the public until Monday.

However, late-Thursday county officials said a comprehensive inspection by a qualified pest control specialist determined the bed bug problem was not as severe as first thought and “…was isolated to a small portion of the building and there is no active infestation present.”  As a result, the building will be allowed to reopen Friday morning, Jan. 29th at 8:00 am instead of Monday, Feb. 1st.