Bee Hive Stolen From Motorist On I-95

It took some brave thieves to steal an item left alongside I-95 in Johnston County.

On May 20th, a Cumberland County man said he was traveling on I-95 when he stopped beside the interstate to retrieve an item out of the back of his vehicle.  When he stopped, the 49 year-old man said he placed a bee hive in the back of his vehicle on the ground next to his truck.  He mistakenly left the bee hive beside the interstate and drove away.

When he returned about 20 minutes later the bee hive was missing.

Johnston County deputies conducted a thorough search for the bee hive but didn’t find it. It was last seen alongside I-95 just north of Selma near the Rest Stop.

Authorities are treating the case as a theft.

According to an internet search, a bee hive can contain between 10,000 and 80,000 bees.


  1. As a beekeeeper myself, it seems strange that this gentleman would make the effort to lift a hive out of his truck (they can be heavy and cumbersome, not to mention they are full of unhappy stinging insects). When I’m transporting a hive, the only goal is to get it from point A to point B, and as quickly and safely as possible. In any case, I hope he locates his hive.

    • That guy that left his hive, must have been smoking more than just his bees!!! Somthing just doesn’t make sence!!!

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