Behavioral Health Services “Member of the Month”

The psychosocial rehabilitation group at JCI’s Behavioral Health Services location has chosen Tim Burris as “Member of the Month” for September!

“When I first came to JCI eight years ago I was very young and shy. As I got to know people in the program and with the help of the BHS staff, I definitely came out of my shell. Now, I feel like I am a part of the group and bring a fun and a different vibe to the program. I try to be there every day to inspire others to participate. We work out, create art projects, dance and discuss how to be successful with our duties and situations”, said Tim.

Tim suggested he and the group paint a wall in the house to make it more welcoming and inspiring. He expressed his creativity has grown along with his personality and desire to help others. Tim has also been sought out by several JCI staff to create drawings of beloved pets due to some of his art being displayed at JCI’s headquarters and other locations.

“Tim shows great respect to the older members and staff, and I often find the whole group laughing and enjoying themselves with him. Several of his peers refer to him as a brother. He shows great leadership and is a joy to have in the program! I can always count on Tim to help fill in for peers that are absent or unable to complete a task. Given these characteristics and qualities this is why Tim was nominated”, stated Helen Moore, Community-Based Support Coach.

Congratulations Tim, everyone appreciates you and celebrates this success with you.

-JCI News Release