Benson Continues Work On Economic Plan

The Benson Board of Commissioners continued their exploration of the town’s economic future.

Thursday’s regular board meeting was once again altered to invite the public for their input and to share their vision of the future.

The development of the Strategic Economic Development Plan is a cooperative effort between the town and North Carolina State University.

This month’s focus was on land use concepts and future needs for the Johnston County community.

Joining the board were Bruce McDonald and Jeff Diebold of N.C. State. Both led groups to discuss the future and get a feeling about what the public thinks is relevant.

Residence were divided into two groups and were asked to focus on certain areas. Both  groups were asked to comment and discuss the current state of land use by the town. They were also asked to determined what is needed in the future and what resources they can use to upgrade the town in the future.

They also looked at opportunities and threats for and to land use.

After discussing each point in the two groups, they reunited and reported what they had decided.

Key points raised during the two discussion groups included a belief that downtown buildings are key to the future.

The groups also emphasized a need by the town to increase incentives for those who wish to invest in the economic future of the town.

Both groups agreed the town needs to address unobtainable properties in key development areas around the town and also needs to capitalize on population growth in Johnston County.

They also stressed a need to adjust to future plans for the proposed four-lane project for N.C. 242.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 27 when the issues will revolve around branding of the town. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Benson Town Hall.

Courtesy The Daily Record