Bid Awarded For New Smithfield Fire Truck

In a unanimous vote, the Smithfield Town Council has awarded a bid for a new fire engine for the Smithfield Fire Department.

Fire Chief John Blanton received approval for the department to purchase a new 2020 Spartan Smeal fire engine at a price of $560,500.  The truck will be purchased from Atlantic Coast Fire Trucks.  A separate bid for a Pierce Enforcer fire truck for $599,047 was not selected.

The truck is expected to be delivered around March 2021.  Finance Director Greg Siler said a 15 year loan on the new truck would cost the town about $50,000 a year.

Chief Blanton said the new engine will replace Engine 1, a 2001 American LaFrance.

“The new engine will provide monetary savings in regards to repairs and maintenance while providing the advancements in technology and safety for the firefighters, therefore increasing efficiency in service for the citizens of the Town of Smithfield,” added Assistant Fire Chief Jeremey Daughtry.