Bill Would Keep Public Schools From Exclusively Teaching Critical Race Theory

By David Bass
Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — The teaching of critical race theory as the only explanation of America’s past would be outlawed in public schools under a bill approved by the N.C. House Education Committee on Tuesday, May 11.

A proposed committee substitute for House Bill 324 would prohibit public schools from promoting the idea that one race or sex is inherently superior to another; an individual is racist, sexist, or oppressive based solely on their own race or sex (consciously or unconsciously); an individual should receive special treatment solely because of his or her race or sex; moral character is determined by race or sex; or based solely on race or sex, an individual bears responsibility for actions taken in the past by members of that same race or sex.

The bill would also outlaw instruction that the U.S. is racist, sexist, or was created specifically to oppress minorities and women.

“No student or school employee should be made to feel inferior solely because of the color of their skin or their gender,” said Rep. John Torbett, R-Gaston, the bill’s primary sponsor. “Our public schools should be a place of respect—not hateful ideologies.”

H.B. 324 would not prohibit critical race theory from being discussed in public schools, but it would prevent such concepts from being taught as fact.

Rep. James Gailliard, D-Nash, harshly criticized the measure. “What this bill does is it keeps history out of our schools. Probably the best way to reproduce history is to not talk about it. This is an act to ensure discrimination, fanaticism, bigotry,” Gailliard said.

“I’m not sure what bill he’s referencing, but the bill before you ensures equity and that all people in society are equitable,” Torbett responded.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt, a Republican, issued a statement in support of the measure:

“This is a common-sense bill that provides reasonable expectations for the kind of civil discourse we want our children to experience in public schools. This ‘golden rule’ approach ensures that all voices are valued in our school system. We want to encourage students to think freely and respect differences of opinions, while ensuring our classrooms are not promoting ideas contrary to the equality and rights of all. Classrooms should be an environment where all points of view are honored. There is no room for divisive rhetoric that condones preferential treatment of any one group over another.”

H.B. 324 is expected to be on the House floor by Wednesday, May 12.


  1. Critical race theory should not be taught at all since it is false teaching. There are many false teachers around today right under our noses. The Bible speaks about that.

  2. The elephant in the room: Why is the GA having to deal with this issue when this could be most easily handled via NC DPI?

  3. The Education System Powers to Be in this Country and in this State know exactly what they are doing with these Race Theories. The Democrat Socialist-Communist that control our education system knew that Adolf Hitler was right when he said and I quote “give me a child at age seven and you will have them forever”. Now there will be some that will post a comment questioning me by saying where is your proof, no educator would ever follow what Adolf Hitler preached or quote him. Here is the problem ever once in a while a Socialist-Communist Liberal Progress Liberal Democrat will accidentally forget to put his mask back on before stepping onto that stage and then he has to apologize for showing the true essence of the Democrat School System. I have posted a link below to show these Education System Powers to Be do quote and agree with Adolf Hitler, just open your minds people and know what your children are being soaked in when they enter our Public Education System.

    • That was not Hitler’s quote. Read the link you gave out. You rush and give out misinformation, just like those who you condemn in your posts.

  4. The GA only wants their views taught. They have no respect or tolerance for other peoples views. If it was the other way around they’d be throwing a fit. Kinda sounds like the religious nuts that believe their way is the only way and have no tolerance for other religions or peoples views. We need tolerance in politics and tolerance in religion.

    • People who believe Jesus is the only way are not “nuts” and true believers do “tolerate” other beliefs. You cannot believe if you do not know the truth. You sound like the one who has a hard time “tolerating”.

    • Hey Brett like TRUMP, perpetuating falsehood and lies are what we now do in this country. Tolerance has been thrown out the window

      • It appears you have crush on Trump, since you bring him up in many of your posts. But hey, I can be tolerant of that. Hope he likes you back.

    • This is not about tolerance, it is about teaching facts rather than concepts that are just untrue and made up out of whole cloth.

  5. I don’t want my grandchildren to know about the holocaust, nor 9/11 and about the confederacy or their daughters and sons…don’t teach the lie about how the west was won because it sure as h*ll was not a fair fight. America was purported to be founded on religious freedoms and they may very well be so. But as a black female I was born in 1970 and my mother and grandmother remember having to live under Jim Crow laws of segregation. If we don’t learn about and move on from the racial things set up as the American way we will repeat them. South Africa looked to our American ways when it set up its racial system and now as I look today and see that slowly but surely America is trying to go back to those days. It is scary and crazy at the same time that the old ways could come back into play.

    • Follow your own advice and go forward, but to go forward, you must learn from the past, not hide it. It is what it is, history cannot be changed. All of us must learn from the past and sanctify our lives as we do move on. It does not help anyone to hold grudges and have chips on their shoulders.

    • Why not the Holocaust or any of the others you mentioned for that matter? Those events did happen and they will be exposed to them at some point.

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