Bomb Threat At Corinth Holders High A Hoax

Photo by John Payne

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to Corinth Holders High School Tuesday morning after a bomb threat was phoned in to the school. The call was later determined to be a hoax.

As a precaution, the high school was evacuated to allow law enforcement to search the campus.

“Students remained in a safe location away from the school building while law enforcement conducted their search. After the all-clear was given and the campus was deemed safe, the students returned back to the school building and resumed normal daily operations,” said Caitlin Furr, Executive Director of Communication for Johnston County Public Schools. “We are very thankful for our partnership with local law enforcement and their swift response.”

The sheriff’s office said the incident remains under investigation.


    • So… Arming teachers will stop online/phone threats? Let me know how that works out for you. #tellthetruthhasnoideahowtorunaschoolsystem

      • @JoCoOg: No. I’m suggesting that the 1.6M funding to “protect our schools” was a waste — nothing more than a token effort to make parents feel safer (much like the TSA). For less than half the amount, we could have purchased a Glock for every JoCo teacher and had money left over for bomb-sniffing dogs or explosive-detection devices. We need to stop allowing Socialist Snowflake Libs to spend our money without a plan, without accountability, and without a way to measure success. #SpendMoneySmartly #ReturnToFiscalConservatism

        • I want to see money be spent wisely as well. I just know quite a few teachers (and people in many other professions) that I wouldn’t want to see handle a Red Ryder much less a Glock. I’d see it as more of a liability until the ideas are proven effective.

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