Buck Management Receives Community Empowerment Partner Award

(Left to right): Buck Martin, Owner, and Traci Bridgers, JCI Employment Services Manager.

Johnston County Industries (JCI) recently presented Buck Martin, Owner of Buck Management, with a Community Empowerment Partner Award to show our appreciation for their collaboration and support in helping us reach our mission and to observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Buck Management operates McDonald’s in Selma. They have been committed to the success of everyone in our community and has a history of successfully working with JCI to provide viable workforce opportunities.

Buck Management has worked with JCI for six years and has hired approximately 12 clients providing them with the opportunity to be successful in employment.  Recently Mr. Martin said that working with JCI has been a positive experience and that most clients hired through JCI are hard workers who strive to excel.  Mr. Martin has also placed clients at other McDonald’s locations as well.

JCI thanked Buck Management for taking pride in empowering people to succeed by assisting individuals with disadvantages in growing their abilities and also for helping members of our community with barriers to employment to achieve a rewarding sense of independence and productivity.