Bullet Fired Into Home Lands Next To Elderly Woman

A 76 year-old Johnston County woman is lucky to be alive after a bullet was fired into her home Friday afternoon landing just inches from where she was sitting. The person authorities believe fired the shot was only given a citation for the offense.

Just before 6:00 PM, Johnston County deputies were called to a home on Massengill Pond Road. The elderly woman said she was sitting in her living room when a bullet pierced through the window and landed next to her chair. 

Deputies began canvassing the area and said they located the person they believe fired the shot, a 33 year-old woman who lived nearby, according to Tammy Amaon, Public Information Officer with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.  The woman told officers she had been target practicing and did not realize the victim’s house was located on the other side of a wooded area where she had been shooting, Amaon said.

The woman was cited for violation of the county’s firearm ordinance. Amaon said deputies told the person should would be liable for the damages to the victims home. No additional charges were filed.