Burglar Steals Merchandise Valued At $14,175 From Business

SMITHFIELD – Police detectives are searching for a burglar who stole 247 clothing items from a Smithfield business. Around 5:30am December 23rd a Smithfield police officer doing routine business checks discovered a break-in at Adidas at 1025 Outlet Center Drive.

A review of the store’s security footage revealed the burglary took place around 3:03am. The male suspect, of average height and thin build, is seen wearing a dark hat, dark face mask, dark sweatsuit and blue latex gloves. The suspect has a light complexion but police could not determine their race or ethnicity.

The suspect smashes open a glass door and gains entry. They grab a large amount of clothing items and make multiple trips to a vehicle with the merchandise. The manager estimated the items were worth $14,175.

Smithfield Police Lt. T. West said the theft remains under investigation. Surveillance images of the suspect have not been released.


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