Business Partnership Gives Boost To Glendale Kenly Elementary

Project to Honor Historic Communities Gets Support from Conestoga

The Conestoga Wood Specialties Company, located in Kenly, has graciously offered to partner with Glendale-Kenly Elementary School and build a display case that will house historical memorabilia honoring the legacy of the historic Glendale and Kenly communities that the school serves.

Near the beginning of this school year, Principal Cole Yarborough reached out to the community to enlist input and assistance with creating a display space to house the memorabilia he was seeking. He invited his Parent Advisory Council, PTA, members of the community-at-large, and business representatives to the school library for a brainstorming meeting. Before long, there were ideas on the table and the objective of displaying artifacts that would tell the community’s story and serve as a educational activity for students was born. Yarborough and staff then invited former Glendale-Kenly Elementary educators and community members for a breakfast meeting at the school to update them on the progress.  Recently, Yarborough took a tour of the local Conestoga facility, where he happened to share his vision.

Conestoga stepped right up to the plate.

As a result, Conestoga Operations Manager Gary Good and 30-year veteran Production Manager Jay Brubaker took a trip to the school to take a look at the space where the display case would be placed. Good and Brubaker are now leading the way.

“We want to support the local community and develop a relationship with the school system, so we can see what’s needed and help develop the skills sets they (students) need. We want the community to know who we are,” said Good.

Yarborough is thankful for the partnership.

“Conestoga’s willingness to serve as Glendale-Kenly Elementary’s business partner is an invaluable asset to our school.  First and foremost, they care about public education and understand its worth. Additionally, their presence and the expertise they bring and are willing to share means so much to the students. This is the beginning of a long and productive partnership that will strengthen the educational experiences we have here for our students,” he said.

The case will be built of wood with glass doors to allow onlookers and passers-by to enjoy the memorabilia. Yarborough expects the project to be completed by the Fall with a special program to mark its official opening.