Business Recognized For Flying American Flag

Business-Flying-Flag-insideMembers from the Johnston County Marine Corps League Carry-On Detachment #1236 presented a “Good Business Award” to Becton-Dickenson, also known as BD Pharmaceuticals, in Four Oaks on Thursday.  They were recognized for continuously flying the American flag night and day at their facility in the Four Oaks Industrial Park, reminding everyone who visits or travels by, “America First and her Undivided Allegiance”.

Becton-Dickenson is a leading medical supply distribution center and has employed Veterans from every branch of service since their opening in 2012.

From left to right: (front row) Ralph O’Neil, Kerry Wright, accepting the award is General Manager Angie Tavenor, Commandant Timothy Daniel, and Marine John Whitley Jr. (2nd row) Adjutant/Paymaster Ken Parker, Danny Felton, Mike Johnson, Robert Bailey, Michael Gilbert, Willis Walton, Edward Dowd, Gene Mitchell, and Public Relations Officer Lewis W. Rice III. (3rd row) Jr. Vice Commandant Greg Quinn, Marine Johnny Carpenter, Jerry Scott, Samuel Shore, and Gary Shultz.

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each service member who died protecting it.” – Richard D. Gore Sr., National Commandant, Marine Corps League.