Businesses Hold Luncheon For First Responders

Two local businesses, Meherrin Fertilizer of Four Oaks and Insurance Concepts of Dunn, served first responders Monday on the 9/11 Anniversary.

This was the second year that Mike Carroll and his staff at Meherrin Fertilizer decided to serve lunch to show appreciation for many of the local fire departments, EMS, Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Department and others. Stanley Johnson with Insurance Concepts of Dunn was also a sponsor of this event.

This year’s luncheon was held on Monday 9/11 at Meherrin Fertilizer on Highway 301 near Four Oaks.

Johnson, Carroll and the Meherrin employees pitched in to serve steaks, chicken, potatoes, and desserts for the 125 first responders who were the honored guests.

“This is the second year and we hope to build and make this an even bigger and better event next year,” Carroll said. “It’s all about saying thank you to those who serve our community.”

Photos by John Payne